attractive correlations

Concert installation for variable number of instrumentalists, microphonists, audience and computer music system (2017).

Attractive Correlations” explores a connectionist paradigm for music creation through a hybrid presentation form combining concert and installation. The concert hall is transformed into an acoustic arena by a multi-loudspeaker setup, in which instrumentalists, microphonists and audience may move about and interact through the medium of sound. The computer music system dynamically generates unpredictable sonic streams and diffuses the sound of the instrumentalists by means of digital networks inspired by neuronal processing. The microphonists react to the sonic activities of the instrumentalists and the audience by approaching them and pointing their microphones towards the sound sources of interest. Sounds from audience members perturb the fragile and delicate equilibria in the generative local sub-networks, while the sounds of the instrumentalists modulate some plasticity parameters of these networks, modifying their generative character. The music emerges from the improvisatory interactions of all human agents, with the instrumentalists and adventurous audience members trying to win the favor of the microphonists and thus gain influence over the sound generation and diffusion by the computer music system.

Lorenzo Derinni – Violin
Matej Bunderla-Havaj – Saxophone
Johannes Feuchter – Bass Clarinet
Artemi-Maria Gioti – Microphonist
Michele Seffino – Microphonist
Davide Gagliardi – Microphonist


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photos by Lucija Novak