Inspired by the cybernetic vision, my artistic practice is focused on the meta-level of music creation. With the term “neuromorphic music”, I describe the formalization and integration of five music agencies (digital, analog, installative, performative, architectural) under a connectionist paradigm. In this framework, various computing units (digital neurons, analogue mixers, loudspeakers, microphones, performers, audience, rooms) are considered as musical neurons, which perform a basic integration function, activate their dynamic response and affect all levels of the interconnected units. The multiple recurrent topologies are experienced as physical embodied extensions mediated by the physical ↔ analog ↔ digital conversion between air pressure, analog electronic and audio rate digital signals. Such self-organizing music meta-systems are capable of irreducible complexity, adaptability and dynamicity, and can spontaneously catalyze emergent musical behavior. Conventional symbolic music-making strategies became ineffectual while the performance of listening attains a fateful role. My ultimate goal is to achieve a living status for my sound artworks which can potentially reveal highly emergent properties, like subjectivity and sonic consciousness.