Bursty Exorbitance (2018) 8-channel computer generated composition.

In search of Equipoesie (2018) participatory performance ecosystem for microphonist, audience and computer music system.

Inter-Perturbations (2017) participatory installation for Wave-Field Synthesis (WFS) and Advanced Realtime Tracking (A.R.T.) systems.

Attractive Correlations (2017) concert installation for variable number of instrumentalists, microphonists, audience and computer music system. 

Self-sustaining Play (2016) audiovisual game-performance for instrumentalist and computer system.

Sonic Current (2016) sound installation.

Verschränkte Spielräume (2016) concert installation for variable number of rooms, musicians, audience and computer music system.

Contraction point (2015) electroacoustic game-performance for instrumentalist and computer music system.

Zeitleben/Timelife (2015) game-piece for double bass and audiovisual computer system.

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